Steel the show with your socks

by Declan Rice

When this trend shaft last spring, you might have been a bit dumbfound. In that case: you were certainly not the only one. Socks in shoes are the opposite of what has learned most of us. Namely, socks are mainly functional and should not be seen.
But since their comeback they have no longer left the streets. And there is a good reason for that. They can indeed give your outfit, if properly applied, a boost. A number of suggestions at a glance.

Socks in sneakers
Hiding your socks is no longer necessary in 2018. And so it’s time to pay more attention to it. You can of course choose to keep the color of your socks completely in line with your outfit. For example, black, gray or other neutral socks when wearing a trousers or jeans. But of course you can also let them jump out. At Happy Socks you buy the Kekest Socks in the most diverse colors and prints.

For the Durfals: Sports Socks
Do you dare to go a step further? The latest trend development within this trend is to wear sports socks. Yes, that old trusted white. Many famous stars have been spotted with this fashion trend. Selena Gomez was so photographed while she wore a black leggings, white sports socks and white sneakers. Gigi Hadid is also eager to bring this trend. But the real fashionistas do not turn their hand for the combination of white sports socks and pumps. Do you dare?

The glitter sticks
On and top girly you will be with these cute short socks. You wear them in your sneakers to completely hip your outfit. But also during the holidays for example. With a black tights, pumps and glitter sticks you throw high eyes. In addition to pumps and sneakers, you can of course also combine loafers. With the help of these cute socks you give your sporty outfit a somewhat glamorous look. And you wear that chic outfit with a wink by adding glitter sticks.

Fishnet Socks
Also crazy about fishnet tights? Then try out the little brother: the fishnet socks. You also wear either in pumps, sneakers or loafers. How you want it. They exist in the most diverse colors but black is the safest choice, if you want to combine them well. Preferably buy if you can find them, fishnet socks with a smooth-knit sole. This way you don’t walk on the net and that is a lot more comfortable.

The additional benefits
Not only are your cardigring trendy, visibly wearing socks in shoes has even more plus points. This prevents sweat feet and nasty odors in some cases. But this trend also makes it possible to carry certain shoes in seasons in which you previously left them in the cupboard. Socks are cheap so if it is ultimately not your thing, then no man is overboard. Then you just wear them nicely invisible in your shoes.

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