5 x the best cardio training

by Declan Rice

Cardio training, it’s good for you, but what does it actually mean? In short, Cardio is everything that will beat your heart faster. It helps you lose weight, it reduces the risk of heart disease and it lowers stress. Cardio is perhaps less fun, but very good for you. In this article we share the 5 best ways of cardio training. Which is your favorite?

1. Running
The simplest forms of cardio is running. And preferably outside and not inside on a treadmill. According to fitness experts, it does indeed explain whether you move to your substrate or the substrate relative to you. The advice is to hold around half an hour three times a week. According to research, this is more effective than long term training. Tempolopes and interval training also ensure the necessary variation and keep your training. No idea how to start with this? We recently wrote an article especially for the ladies among us who want to start running. Good preparation is half the job!

2. The Crosstrainer
The cross trainer has since grown into the most popular device in the gym for cardio training. And this has a legitimate reason: while at the same time you train your underwear and outer. You can vary the exercise by, for example, paddle backwards and to put your muscles of your fault so in a different way. By increasing the resistance, you can screw the intensity of your training and you do not only do cardio training to improve your endurance, but also to strength training. Training at a lower resistance, on the other hand, is good for training your speed. And all of that with only one device.

Another important advantage: it is the least injurious cardioworkout from this list because it saves your knees. Your knees do not have to catch your weight and get no heavy shocks.

If you find moving your arms annoying while paddling your feet, then training at an exercise bike is actually just as effective. You train your lyone in exactly the same way and you can also increase or decrease intensity on this device to train more on condition or to strength of your lower life. The only difference is that you do not move your arms. So it’s just what you find more pleasant.

3. Boxing
We are a personal fan of this form of cardio training, great to get all your frustrations. You can spruce with an opponent, train on a heavy boxing bag or shadow boxes. And don’t think you can train your arms with Boxing, which you thought of your abs, your back muscles and your leg muscles. It is a phanatic form of cardio and strength training for the entire body.

4. The rowing machine
Boring but effective: the rowing machine or rowing ergometer. It is some of the least nice cardio devices in the gym, but one of the most effective. It just gives you such a good training for your upstairs and lower life. You mainly train the first part of the movement, the second part your upper life; your back, shoulders and arms. By adjusting the resistance, you or more can train on condition or on strength and you can of course also use the device for intensive interval training.

5. Jumping rope
You can do it all over the world and you only need a jump rope. As far as we are a favorite cardio training for the careerame that is traveling a lot. All you have to do is throw a jump rope in your suitcase. With skipping rope you do not only work on your condition, but you also improve your balance. With both legs you can jump at the same time, from leg, from left to right huppen, cross your arms while jumping, jumping to the place, with your toes or heel tap the ground. Just enter the possibilities are endless and believe us: it is a mega effective way of cardio training.

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