What time do you resemble yourself?

by Declan Rice

If you are not blessed with the length of the average Dutch woman, it can be a challenge for you to find clothing. At least, clothing in which you seem to be a little longer. Many women are dissatisfied with their figure. But dissatisfaction with the length is at a solid second place. Even though others often find it cute, you are less happy with it. Fortunately, there is a number of ways to make yourself seem to make you seem longer. We put some clothing tips for the short ladies at a glance.

The ideal trousers
Pants with a high waist lets your lower body look like a lot longer. You then also put your blouse or shirt in your pants. The Flared jeans are also completely back. This is a type of jeans that closely matches the hips and buttocks, but underneath excluding. Nowadays they are slightly less wide than the pants they wore in the 1970s. The wide pipes ensure that your legs seem to be more centimeters. You could compare it with what an a-line dress can do your height and figure.

Prints and uni colors
Avoid preferably clothing with certain prints. Prints are known for your fuller and therefore also seem to be smaller. This is actually especially the case with garments that have a ‘low density’ in prints. For example, a low density means a dress with a number of large flowers shown on it. So do you want to wear a print? So ensure an item with a higher of that so-called density. Except that is the very best way to make yourself longer the unique color. So the same color from above and below. Also a vertical (chalk) stripe has this effect.

Other tips
With these two basic tips you already come a long way. But there are even more ways. For example, it is hammered by every fashion meadow that you should not wear too wide clothing when you are on the short side. Wide clothing places more emphasis on the horizontal, so the width. So choose clothing that connects more closely to your body. Do you feel comfortable when wearing a V-neck and showing a (small) décolleté? Do this for sure! The V-neck gives a narrowing effect and thus puts the emphasis on length.

How can shoes can help you?
Okay, it is of course obvious that a pump you look longer than you are in reality. But there are more tricks. Choose a shoe in the summer with a nude color. This way you let your legs seem to be optically longer. When you put in the winter in long, dark pants, you do the same. Then just no nude colors, but a color shoe that fits perfectly with your pants. A black trousers with a black shoe. And preferably a boot, so that a piece of skin does not interrupt the whole.

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