The search for the perfect jeans

by Declan Rice

In fact, you can say that everyone has one or more jeans in his or her closet today. The jeans are probably the most timeless fashion item ever. And will remain so. You can easily combine jeans with many different things. And so you can create a tough, casual, cute or casual-chic look. For many of us, the search for the perfect jeans is less easy for many of us. What should you be careful when purchasing to find the pants made for you?

A perfect pants are worth searching
The meaning of a perfect jeans is of course different for everyone. The model of the ideal pants is dependent on your own figure. The one model will therefore be better than the other. The size of jeans also varies often by brand. And so you will never just be able to pull a ‘suitable’ pants out of the racks. Finding the perfect jeans for you can be a frustrating and time-consuming chore. But have you finally found it, then you realize that he was worth it.

Pay attention to the waist and hip zone
When you are looking for jeans that do your figure right, you must take into account various factors. For example, it is important that your pants fit well in the waist and around the hips. Fit well means that the pants fit well, without giving you a brief feeling. So you have to get the knot without difficulty closed. That certainly applies if you choose a pair of pants that are later later, a hip model. Some pants will soon give you ugly rolls. And you naturally want to prevent that.

Other things to pay attention
But either don’t forget that the portion should also close at your knee, especially if you fit a stretch nails that later runs out. Also the length of the pants and the width of the pipes are important. What kind of shoes do you want to wear him? In combination with sneaker you prefer to wear jeans with close-fitting pipe, on or just above the ankles. While in the case of pumps is also fine if your pants run out of Wijder.

Your figure
And then your figure. Are you slim and do you have narrow hips? Then it is best to choose jeans with a high waist. As you can choose the opposite better at wide hips. So a hip pants. Are you a little small? Then go for a straight model, preferably in a dark color. Dark colors Let your legs seem longer. Do you want jeans that lets you look optically slimmer? Then go pants as neutral. With neutral we do not mean too many bags, wear places or other details.

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