Tips to Keep Your Workspace Clean and Germ-free

by Declan Rice

Offices have finally opened in Auckland after the COVID-19 restrictions were lifted off. Now, more than ever, it has become important to keep our workplace clean and safe. Aside from having hand sanitizer stands in all exits across a commercial building, it is necessary that offices have a regular routine for cleaning.

While most big companies hire commercial cleaners in Auckland for this purpose, small startups may not be able to afford professionals. Such companies need to take the cleaning duty upon themselves, and here are some tips for the same.

Start with the desk

Cleaning starts with you, an individual employee, regardless of the size of the company. Therefore, take some time out of work or utilize those free hours to clean up your desk. If you have the habit of snacking while working, chances are your desk will have wrappers and crumbs.

So, straighten out the desk, arrange the files and papers, and clean the crumbs and stains. Throw out all the unnecessary items like a crumpled ball of paper, that takeout package, or any wrappers. Having a dustbin at your desk can help you do this daily and keep your desk clean.

Kill those germs

Most offices today have sanitizing stations to ensure the place is germ-free. However, there may be other spaces that are still susceptible to germ build-up. From desks to common areas, it is essential to use sanitizing wipes as the final step of cleaning.

Trash disposal

Small offices are not very different from households. Similar to trash duty in homes, such workplaces, too, need a group trash disposal system. This needs to be regular, especially with the lack of proper janitorial services. When doing this, you will need to focus on segregating wastes into organics, paper, and plastics (and other recyclables).

Always ensure that recyclables are rinsed thoroughly to avoid contamination during the recycling process. Having dustbins at each desk can help the one with trash duty collect trash and then sort through them.

Keep the floor clean

Whether you have a carpeted or non-carpeted floor, it is necessary to keep it clean. Having paper and other debris on the floor will make cleaning it hard and tedious. Furthermore, with the amount of foot traffic in an office, debris on floors can easily leave stains and remain matted in the carpet.

Avoid this by keeping things off the floor. You can easily achieve this by having each employee keep the floors near their workspace clean.

Group cleaning

Lastly, a group effort is vital to a clean office, small or big. This applies to companies with janitorial services, as well. When employees come together and follow cleaning practices like keeping their workspace clean and segregating waste, offices become clean and germ-free without much effort. This is especially important in common areas and breaks rooms.


Ensuring the safety of workplaces is the duty of the employer. However, keeping it clean is the responsibility of the employees, especially in offices without commercial cleaners. With practices like segregating waste, cleaning desks daily, and having regular trash duty, office spaces can be clean without much effort. Above all, group and individual effort are of utmost importance to keep workspaces clean.

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