7 tips that make your day a little better

by Declan Rice

This list of 7 guarantees a daily dose of extra bit of Sparkle. Because say a ladies yourself; We can use that during this bizarre period.

1. Learn something new every day
That may of course be something very small, the most important thing is that you continue to develop your knowledge daily. By means of an article in the newspaper, via the internet or, for example, through a conversation with someone. Everyone you meet around you knows something you don’t know, so you can learn everything and everyone.

2. Do something for another
Does not matter how or what, but try to do something for someone else every day, of course at appropriate distance. This automatically ensures a good feeling with the other and yourself, in short: everyone becomes better.

3. Use your talents
Do something every day that you know you are good at it. This gives you a huge ego boost and it is therefore incredibly good for your self-confidence. In addition, it ensures that you are more motivated during the day in terms of other matters.

4. Strongly make yourself strong
And you can take this point literally. Make sure you come to a minimum of 30 minutes every day, eat healthy and sleep enough. A healthy and strong body ensure that you better handle everything on your daily path.

5. Think ahead
It is of course important to enjoy every day and the small things that you experience at home during these days. However, always keep busy with your goals, dreams and plans for the future. Working somewhere does your allert, motivated and proactive.

6. Make the world a little better
Daily yes, and that is possible. Start at picking up and throwing out that one can that has been next to your front door for days.

7. Grab your moment
Stand quiet with the things you have experienced that day, if only 30 seconds it goes to sleep in bed. Cock the nice things from that day out and resource them. This is one of the simplest ways to feel better immediately.

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