The clothing basics for the man

by Declan Rice

It is often difficult to combine clothing for men, so they often do the same outfits. With a number of basics you already have a good start for a hip clothing style, these form the foundation for the outfits that you carry out day in day. This is because they are very well combined with other (seasonal) clothing.

The shirt
A white shirt is an item that every man is stated and that can be worn for both casual and business. Business can you combine a shirt with a jacket or thin sweater with a V neck. For a more casual look, you can roll up the sleeves and keep the shirt out of your pants.

A jacket
Something that you can wear both business and private life, the jacket. This is a jacket that looks a bit nonchaanner than a pack jacket. For the more business occasions you can combine him with a neat jeans and a white shirt or shirt. For private you can wear a jacket well to parties, drinks and dinners. The difference with pack jackets is that jacket is often made of fabric with striking structures or prints. But with a jacket with a neutral solid color, such as black / dark blue you can go in all directions.

Beautiful jeans always do well and you can combine almost everything. For a business look it is recommended to wear dark blue jeans. It is important to find the right fit, make sure that Jeans still walk out a little so jeans that are still a bit tighter is not bad. Often employees in the store can help you with this.

V-neck sweater
The V-neck sweater, or pullover, is also indispensable in your closet. You often wear this sweater with a shirt, a jacket can also be worn over it. If you don’t want to wear shirt you can also put a shirt here, please note that you will also take a V-neck shir.

Clothing accessories such as belts or undershirts are also indispensable. Undershirts ensure that the clothing that carries over it will remain beautiful longer.

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