Unique Ways to Recognize Top Employees

by Declan Rice

Did you know that only 1 in 3 workers feel that they received recognition for doing good work in the past? If you are a business owner it is important to find different ways to recognize outstanding employees that are going above and beyond their job description. We have put together this guide to share some ideas on showing recognition and appreciation with unique things from company coins to potlucks, we have ideas for days.

Keep reading to learn our top tips and get your wheels spinning.

1. Company Coins
A company coin is a unique gift that you can make 100% custom to the employee you are recognizing. A company such as www.challengecoins4less.com can customize the coin to share things such as the completion of a major project, an anniversary date, a new account accomplishment, etc.

The options are really endless as far as what you can place on custom coins to make it special for the employee you are recognizing.

2. Potlucks
What employee doesn’t enjoy a fun unexpected break from their normal duties? You can throw a mini potluck where the employee is given praise in front of their colleagues. This will encourage other employees to also go above and beyond their work duties in hopes of also having potlucks or parties thrown in their honor while being recognized.

3. Loosen Up a Bit
For an employee that is doing outstanding work, you might want to consider loosening the reins as a way to recognize them. For example, if usually they are dressed up for work you can give them a week of wearing casual clothing instead or you can offer a few days to work from home instead of coming into the office.

Or you can allow the employee to leave work early to start their weekend before everyone else and get a few hours off but still, get paid.

4. Take Them Out to Lunch
An employee that goes that extra mile can be treated to lunch for employee recognition. This will not only get them a free meal but it will also give them some one-on-one time with you to bond and even pick your brain. Your employee will feel extra special and will feel that you really care and take notice when someone is doing more than expected.

5. Sponsorships
Sometimes an employee might be interested in exploring their extracurricular interests but do not want to spend the extra money doing so. You can consider sponsoring them in an interest they have, such as learning a new language, augmented reality, woodworking, etc.

If they want to continue their education then this is another sponsorship you might want to consider.

Ready to Recognize Your Employees?
We hope that now that you have all of the ideas we shared above from company coins to potlucks, you can feel excited about the next employee recognition you choose to do.

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